Wilshire has my mortgage and I fell behind on my payments as far back as September of last year. I contacted them regarding this matter and they told me to hold and submit paper work to them regarding why I was behind, I did submit a letter and then was told to take care of my taxes, of which I did.

A representative asked me again to submit a financial statement and provide a detail of why I was behind on my payments. In November my payments went up and I was told to hold on to any money I had that the company was still reviewing my request then I received another letter stating that I had to resubmit paper work because documents were missing. I did this again in February. I wanted to send them $3,000 to try to at least pay some of what I was behind but I was told to hand onto that money.

That they wanted all that I was behind, which was close to $5,000, I was told to resubmit financial statement and bank statement , w-2 etc. and letters. I finally got tired of all the runnning around and applied for a reverse mortgage with Wells Fargo Bank, and submit more paper work. I am still trying to figure out when am I going to get results.

I am already in foreclosure, a date had been set to sell my house in August but it was post-poned and recently I received another sale date. What is wrong with this company?

I have done all that they have asked but no real response from them.

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We tried over a year ago to modify the house the first time when we forsaw my husbands company having problems. After 4 months they denied it because I said in a phone call that We may have to shut it down.

They didn't even bother sending me a note, I found out a month after when I called for an update.

Fast forward several months later....We have been trying to modify our house for 7 months this second time around. We are in the middle of a bankruptcy and I have been doing EVERYTHING that THEIR Bankruptcy dept. tells me to as far as faxing new financials, hardship letter, letters from our attn.

giving them permission to talk, permission to pay forward taxes to be part of the HAMP program.....everytime I call to find the status they tell me to send new info! Because at first we had bad council, the new attn. had to dismiss the first case and refile right away leaving 4 days inbetween. Now, they tell me that I have to start the WHOLE process over because it has a new case number.

We don't have the money to keep having our attn. fight it, pay for more appraisels and the trustee wont' wait another 7 months that they say it could take. OH WAIT, the latest is that all bankruptcy cases are shelved and have been for the HAMP program while they wait for new directives on how to implement it. They failed to mention that one to me for the last 5 months that they kept stringing me along.

New directives from who, the government or Wilshire??? Another stall tactic? We make good money now and are able to pay for it with a modification to get it down from 8.5% but no one cares but us. They want my house, it's appraised $110K below the loan amount now!

We are so sick to our stomachs about this and wanted to stay here for our kids and their school but now we are ready to stop the stress and give it up, so it can sit empty for a year.

Who wins? It's just so ***.


After several attempts they will not modify mine either.I have the ARM and it keeps going up. They will get the house back if they do not help soon.


i call midland morgage to advise if they can do a motafacation on my debt,the rep advised no ,replied sell the hse ,my house is worth 260thousand and i only owe 48thousand dollars and running into my 4th month as of feb please help ,they dn't even want to redo my laon in order to py less than what iam paying now..iam paying 1,500.00 a month at a 9.9% please help me or advise who can i go to ,,now iam unemployed ,as of nov but i have 1 year left to get my RN Lic WITH JACKSON MEMORIAL HOSPITIAL.AGAIN WHO CAN HELP ME WITH THIS MATTER?


I went through the same thing. Hubby lost job in October got new job in March.

Fell behind just 2 months. You would think I was 2 years behind, called everyday even though situation same. They had me fill out all the paperwork submitted documents write letters just for them to tell me that I can't afford the house and just let them foreclose on it. Real nice!!!

Wilshire is a bunch of jerks who i would love to see fall like the rest but they are just too big unlike Countrywide who is working with their mortgagers. Wilshire just wants to make everybody else's life difficult.

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