has anyone in minnesota started a class action lawsuit against Wilshire. We need to band together to stop what they are doing.

Most of us can't afford good legal help by ourselves. They are counting on that. Is there anyone out there whom can help all of us whom are being defrauded by this company???Somehow this company is getting by with illegal actions. I don't understand how this can happen in a country of laws.

Whom protects the little guy from big company predators whom won't listen and continue to give so many the run around while they simply continue to rip people off right in front of everyone. Does anyone out there care??? Does anyone?????

Someone has to. Thank you

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Wilshire used fraudulent behavior and Collection Agency Tactics to tried to take my home

Did not have my loans setup correctly when my loan was sold to Wilshire.

Creating a Late Payment chain reaction that took months to fix

Forced Flood insurance when I bordered a flood zone but did not live in it.

Because I could not win the argument and they would remove the forced flood insurance I got my own

Then they continued to try to charge me for Forced Flood insurance after I had provided proof I was insured through Farmers

The Forced Flood Insurance ordeal created a late payment when it was less than 48 hours late

Wilshire tried to bill me $800.00 for Forced Flood Insurance after they had received proof that I had my own Flood Insurance. Their website would not take a partial payment, so I had to wait until Monday to pay by Phone. Monday was the 17th and they reported me 30 late to the credit bureau.

Wilshire reported to the Credit Bureau that I was 30 late when in fact I was only 2 days late and would not have been late at all if they had not been charging me for something I did not owe.

Mortgage institutions do not report 30 days late until you are truly 30 late because of the negative impact it has on Credit Scores.

If I had not already been in the process of refinancing my credit score would have become so low that I would not have been able to refinance out of the ARM after 2 years.

This also created a situation where I had to pay a 5 point early payoff penalty

Was reporting to the Credit Bureau that I owed more than I barrowed on both loans

How did I owe more then I barrowed on an Interest only loan if all payments were made

How did I owe more then I barrowed on the secondary loan when I had paid extra with now had me paying into principle and it reflected so on my monthly statements

Once I re-financed out from under them, Payoff Balances were $7000.00 higher than my billing statements + prepayment penalty points

I did not contest the amounts at the time because I needed to get out from under them so I took the losses at the time.

If you have a class action law suit please add me and I'll be happy to supply the proof necessary to show Wilshire is Faulding home owners

Rhett Attwood


Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #18250

Just lost a house to Wilshire after waiting for a reply that never came.

East Earl, Pennsylvania, United States #17281

Hi I'm in washington. Wilshire started my loan modification in January.

I just got my modification today.06/16/08. although all stories are different, I have to wave the right to sue if I accept. I'm worried about this cause this company is dirty. But, i want to keep my house so ......hang in there everyone and save your money!

if in this situstion do not give them a payment. they may still forclose on you.

Zelienople, Pennsylvania, United States #8529

Wilshire is a big ripoff. Their so-called customer service is a joke.

To 3/8/08 who tried to have his 1st mortg. adjusted back to the original rate, the form they were talking about is the harship letter at the bottom of the main page. You'll need that plus the financial statement, 2 months of bank statements, last 2 yrs. of taxes.

The dept. is Loan Modification 888-917-1050, the fax 503-952-7309. I went with MMI credit counseling. they ask if you've contacted one.

The guy was cool. I'm not sure where you're at, but I'm sure you can do it online for free. Stay on them & keep every letter they send you.

Check the fees on your statement, they do make up a lot of stuff. I don't know how they get away with it.

Goshen, Ohio, United States #7018

I've been given the run around with them and they will not give my new lenders a payoff amount. I'm in VA and have filed complaints with BBB and FTC.

West End, North Carolina, United States #6667

Currently working with a lawyer about a transaction we had with Wilshire. It is a nightmare.

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