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To all the Cutomers that write in, did it ever occure to you that the staff Wilshire hire are temp employee's. At least 99% cause the other 10% are not allowed to tell you the truth on what the company really does, like not report the mods that have been done to the investor's.

Yes, the company does want every pennie from the customer the Hold button is gone so you never now if the employee hung up on the cusotmer or not!

I can tell alot more want more?

Still getting foreplace insurance when have insur and no refund?

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As a former employee I can sadly tell you that is almost true for hirings but they also had a high retention rate until a few months ago when they started outsourcing many of their behind the scenes jobs to First American Title... there was maybe 1 temp for every 12 permanent employees when I worked there. Again, I've heard that this had changed and they are hiring almost entirely temps now.

A strong possibility behind this is that Wilshire is owned by Merrill Lynch who was in turn bought out by Bank of America who already owns a highly rated mortgage servicer and originator, Countrywide. They are skimping on their hiring and service until they have found out how or if they are going to be integrated into this new corporation.

Until then they will encourage tenured employees to leave for severance or find a reason to fire them so that they can hire lower paying temps that they can let go at a whim.

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