Wilshire Credit Services is Scamming there customers by charging them a $10.00 late fee due to the fact that Wilshire Credit Union will send you your monthly statement for payment late so they can collect an additional $10.00 each month for late fees. Once you mail your payment to then they receive it and then they submit it to another department within Wilshire Credit Services to make your payment late.

Example my payment is due on the 21st of each month,so I mail it on the 16th of each month from Losangeles,ca going to losangeles,ca and 10 miles from my house and they still charge me an additional $10.00 and say your late. " You do the math!" If they do that to every client each month Wilshire Credit stands to make a lot of additional cash each month by there illegal practices. We will be contacting our Attorney General as well as the District Attorney of Losangeles. Thanks.

( Also do not trust there people in customer service there part of the Illegal Stealing at Wilshire Credit Services. ) "Real *** of a Company!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Wilshire Credit Customer Care.

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Ha, ha, ha! Still another whining deadbeat who just doesn't have the brain power to figure things out.

If they are just ten miles away, pay it in person! Why not get a checking account and pay on line? (Let me guess, you've had so many overdraft fees the banks won't even give you a checking account!). Oh yes, they are so, so terrible.

They are scammers.

They are so, so illegal! You sorry, stinking, serial deadbeats make decent people want to throw up!


Ha ha ha! Guess what?

It's still another sorry, serial deadbeat who thinks they are a legal expert! It's straight out of the Serial Deadbeat handbook! It's up to YOU to get the payment in on time rather than mailing it at the last minute! Why not get a checking account and make the payment on line?

Oh, let me guess, you have so many overdrafts you can't even get a checking account! How impressive!


Hi. We are very sorry to hear that your concerns were not addressed and would love the opportunity to help.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience at CustomerExperience@westlakefinancial.com, so that we may gather more information to help us resolve this for you. We will make every effort to assist you in this matter.

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