I am reading these reviews and am happy there are other people out there experiencing the same thing. Wilshire has added on appraisal and late fees to my account.

I live in Arizona and I was told on the phone that someone came to my door and appraised my house, no such thing has happened. If anyone has gotten a lawyer or needs my assistance, I am with you , please contact me. I am scared to death now to try and refinance after reading the reviews as I know they have already given me the run around about my payoff.

HELP....... we need to go after this company

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Whilshire is a bunch of *** bags. I went to make a payment online off their website, I have used this service for a few years.

I waited and about 1 week later found out the payment did not hit my banking account. I called whilshire low a behold I made a small error on my account number, my payment was rejected . no e-mail warning me of this, and the kicker they tacked a 25.00 $ fee for my error. this is total B.S.

other accounts that I have usually has my info on file and can easily be corrected without a rediculous fee.

one mistake and this low life *** bag mortgage company uses tactics like this. This is what's killing America you jackasses


Once they come to your house the fees just start adding up from there . What they do is try to put you upside down on your home.

then they can add that amount onto the end of your note. This is a nothing put pure greed. This company is corrupt, they lie, and they literally steal your money. Corporate theft, plain and simple.

Continue to fight them. Do not let them win. We must unite and stand against this corporation. Keep watching yahoo.

My husband and I have had enough. We have been through enough and have had it!! We will do whatever necessary to see this company come crashing down for their wrongdoing. Watch yahoo for a website against them.

Should be up and running within the next 10 days or so. Hopefully , have already found attorneys ready to take them on but not without yours and my help. Keep your head held high and keep fighting.

It is not just you. Many others are in the same situation.

Novo Selo, Central Serbia, Serbia #27920

:( Contact the Department of Corporation in Sacramento California. They will take a fax in complaint.

They can shut a company down if they do not follow the law. Noone likes when they contact you..

Washington, Virginia, United States #10778

I am in California and Whilshire has just ripped me off royally! They refused to contact me, refused to return calls...etc.

I NEED some help as to how to file fraud against them!?! :(


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