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Does anyone wan to Join in a Pennsylvania class action law suit against "Wilshire Credit Corporation" - Rip off mortgage company?

How can our goverment stand by and let this happen?

Was told today:

The (-) sign in front of a number is not a credit. If Wilshire did not post my payment in a timely manner, according to it clearing the bank, then "I" need to submit the front / back copy of check. WAIT for them to determine if they need to offer credit. WAIT for the credit to clear. SUBMIT A WRITTEN LETTER of REQUEST, that they rectify my credit report. COULD take up to 3 months to complete?????

THEY HAVE CHARGED me late every other month!!!

( I saw the - thought credit - NOT)

Next: my principle is only reduced every other month! Even though I am paying over the amount of the payment due?

Wher is our goverment?

If this was a hospital, school, non0profit organization or a church, or a priate consumer, we'd be arrested for tax evasion, money laundering, etc...But our financial institutions are destoryingour credit even if we are responsible in making our payments!

Again: Where si our consumver protection?

Where is the lending institution regulation agencies?

If we make good on our payments, then make the financial institutions make good on our credit.

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:grin i am one of so many borrowers of wilshire credit corporation that's been lied and deceived by their practice w,while im on the procwss of my loan modification,they just sold my house into foreclosure sale,which they put my house into auction sale,with no letters or notification based on my rsults on my ongoing loan modification,they let me resubmit all this documents and calling them back just to make sure that they reseceived it ,which they did,.but this letter that they promised me the determinations or results of my loan modification did not even exist,then last november 1.2009, received a letter from some company that i needed to move out of my house,so hurriedly call my lender,wilshire credit corporation and asked them the status of my ongoing loan ,odification and they answered me your house was sold,then i asked the customer service rep,what happened to my loan modification all he said to me they did not received any papers from me which is right there a complete lie plus service rep,asked me if live still at my house,and answered him yes,and waiting for your letter or results of my loan modification and after that conversation he just ssaid to me i cannot do anything,then hunged up on me ,is this the kind of company that we will trust and put our life savings,they dont even botherred to sent me a letter what happen to my loan modofication,now me and my wife,my 11 yr old daughter and father in law dont no where is our destiny,especially christmas time i lost my job and no place to go,i want some help from any authorities to hear our side of stories ,and how many more of us going to suffer thi way?israel

Contact me at


Contact me at

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #78406

Is Wilshire Credit the same servicing company previously owned by Merrill Lynch but is now part of Bank of America Servicing?


I too am being exploited by Wilsher Credit

Please I want in , If there is a Class Action suit against these people Thank you.


Wrote wrong e mail. Should be We are very interested in the law suit


Please contact Jeannie Smith they told us to stop paying or they won't help.Now they say were behind and won't help.

We have been trying to modify but counld't get them to work with us. We tried short selling, they refused the offer.

Tried to give the deed, they refused. It is going to be autioned off next month.


Please contact me at about this lawsuit. We just got forclosure papers in the mail and they told us that they were working with us.


Please let me know about the Class Action Lawsuit against Wilshire Credit Corporation. Please contact me at


Yes, I would like to join the class action suit against Wilsher Credit Corp.

I know they are about to exploit me they increased my mortgage payment $320/month I was always on time with my payments for the last 4yrs since I've been with them. They claim it was because the realestate taxes were behind, but they claimed they informed me in advance and they never did.

What can I do?


Wilshire forclosed on our home. We tried to get them to work with us, NO LUCK. Then we offered to buy it back through a friend and a diffrent company, They wouln't deal with them because our name was attached.. THAT'S NOT ALL.

We tried to rent an appartment and

Wilshire put "DID NOT PAY RENT"

on our credit report!!! We were'nt paying rent we were paying a mortgage,RENT was never alluded to at any time!!! NOT ONLY DID THEY RUIN OUR TODAY "THEY RUINED OUR FUTURE"


Please let me join the class action against Wilshire. We closed on our home in Dec.

2006 with Fremont - another shady company. They sold it to Wilshire who increased our payments by nearly $400! Based on Escrow increases? (Not even the ARM issue.

Without notification. ) We understandly got behind on payments and then they abruptly foreclosed on us.


Wilshire is the worst I have ever delt with. I have a ARM that went way out of control, I asked for a loan modification but instead they started foreclosure.

I had to file BR to save my house.

They do not answer your calls, return your calls, pile up late fees and have made mistakes on my payments. You bet you can count me in on a CA lawsuit


Any info about a lawsuit with Whilshire let me know. These peple are freaking thieves.

I didn't ask for them my morgage was sold to them. I was never or have never been late on payment but they keep putting other charges on my statement and never say why. They say its a mistake and it never gets taken care of. When I call nothing gets handeled.

Thats if you can spaek to somebody and not be hung up on. I'm located in Norhtern Nevada.


screw Wilshire. they blocked my moms account number on the website so that she could make her payment online.

well she tried to call them to make a payment and left message after message.

they now have started the forclosure process on her home.

if anyone knows what to do, please help, my mom cant loose her home. she has the payment


Wilshire used fraudulent behavior and Collection Agency Tactics to tried to take my home

Did not have my loans setup correctly when my loan was sold to Wilshire.

Creating a Late Payment chain reaction that took months to fix

Forced Flood insurance when I bordered a flood zone but did not live in it.

Because I could not win the argument and they would remove the forced flood insurance I got my own

Then they continued to try to charge me for Forced Flood insurance after I had provided proof I was insured through Farmers

The Forced Flood Insurance ordeal created a late payment when it was less than 48 hours late

Wilshire tried to bill me $800.00 for Forced Flood Insurance after they had received proof that I had my own Flood Insurance. Their website would not take a partial payment, so I had to wait until Monday to pay by Phone. Monday was the 17th and they reported me 30 late to the credit bureau.

Wilshire reported to the Credit Bureau that I was 30 late when in fact I was only 2 days late and would not have been late at all if they had not been charging me for something I did not owe.

Mortgage institutions do not report 30 days late until you are truly 30 late because of the negative impact it has on Credit Scores.

If I had not already been in the process of refinancing my credit score would have become so low that I would not have been able to refinance out of the ARM after 2 years.

This also created a situation where I had to pay a 5 point early payoff penalty

Was reporting to the Credit Bureau that I owed more than I barrowed on both loans

How did I owe more then I barrowed on an Interest only loan if all payments were made

How did I owe more then I barrowed on the secondary loan when I had paid extra with now had me paying into principle and it reflected so on my monthly statements

Once I re-financed out from under them, Payoff Balances were $7000.00 higher than my billing statements + prepayment penalty points

I did not contest the amounts at the time because I needed to get out from under them so I took the losses at the time.

If you have a class action law suit please add me and I'll be happy to supply the proof necessary to show Wilshire is Faulding home owners

Rhett Attwood


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #28637
I feel better some what better, I have talked about it , I feel better that someone feels the way I do. I also filed my complaints with Greg Abbott our Attorney Generals office in Texas.
I am not playing with these people, someone needs to do something to stop this behavior.
Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #28636

We would like to join your class action law suit against Wilshire Credit Corp. Wilshire changed our due date so they could start charging us late charges.

They don't even look at the post date the payments are mailed, if you pay your taxes they send you harassing letters even after you pay your taxes. If the law says you have a payment plan on your taxes why doesn't Wilshire honor that? They don't they walk by their own tone, Washington the President and Congress signed a bill that freezes mortgages for 5 years Wilshire tries to force you to take their 3 or 2 year freeze, then they say we will pick up your old loans. They won't deal honest, they buy loans then they start with the hammering on your nerves, Oh yes, we will love to join your class action law suit.

You can’t put a price on happiness, this house is not my life, they sought us out, I didn’t seek them out, I will not take any bullying of any type., I didn’t ask them to buy my loan, however, the people I received the loan from encouraged me to allow this, is there any thing we can do to these other mortgage companies that encouraged this type of practice? I am very up set they are trying to mess with my life.


I would like to join the PA. Class Action Lawsuit Against Wilshire Credit Corporate. Please contact me with info @


Dodgertown, California, United States #27469

I too have been wronged repeatedly by Wilshire....Please post more information about a lawsuit.

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