Masontown,West Virginia

We did fall behind a couple payments and were trying to make the payments up but they kept returning them.Instead they said they would tag the late payments on the end of the mortgage and rework our loan into a lower payment.This went on for months and we would call and they would tell us not to worry everything was fine and they were going to help us.They tried to help us out of our house,Someone told me they seen our house in the paper for sheriff auction(that was embarrassing)so I called them and they said that was standard.A few weeks later I received a forbearance paper and they wanted me to sign in agreement to raise my payment $400.00 a month for 3 months and then they would review it.Also we waive the right to sue them(there's a red flag)I felt I had no other choice but to file chapter 13,Which I did.This stopped all activity , late fees and interest on the mortgage.It also worked out OK because I owed $10.000.00 on a jeep that was worth $6.000,00 and that is all they get Wilshire gets what the bankruptcy court sets up.Its a small victory but it feels good to stick it back a little.At any rate it was better than loosing my home to these bastards.

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I wonder why the *** that wrote the letter did not pay his debt. I wonder why they bought something they can't afford.

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