Im i hate wilshire they are stealing my money thet dont have ther files together they losse paper work you have to keep sending it to them all ther dates be wrong they say you owe money and you know for a fact you dont but they find fees and they raised my inter rate up to 11.5 from 6.5 it suposed to go up once a year they say no i have a rms now its every six month they chrge for insurance for three months 1,890 and for the year i pay less then that woith all state WILSHIRE are liars they send a letter that say onr thing then you pay and send a nother with more money you owe do the evre deduct what you already paid ever i hate them and i hope they go bankrupt real soon punks they are robberys.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Wilshire bought my loan from a company called SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICES . They were the fourth or fifth company servicing my mortgage.

Select was charging me 2600.00+ for "fees pay to others on your behalf". They settled with US Attorney general and had to return the money. It was some kind of private insurance coverage that they were tacking on. My recent bill from wilshire has a similar claim for 2600.00 for "other charges".

No explanation. Look up Select portfolio there all the same.

They will suck the life right out of you. The goverment should have bailed out the tax payers and not the corporate crooks.

Boca Del Mar, Florida, United States #15327

if you weren't late in the first place you wouldn't have to worry bout fees. In regards to your ARM if you look at your note which YOU signed and agreed to in order to even get the loan you will see that your interest rate can adjust every 6 months.

As far as insurance it's YOUR responsibility to keep your mortgage company up to date with insurance, that's why they mail you out letters every 30 days for 3 months (equals 3 letter) to warn you that they need proof of insurance befoe they force place a policy. This information is also in your mortgage documents that YOU signed.

It's to bad that your having all these problem and maybe they could have been avoided if YOU would have read your loan documents before signing them so you knew exactly what you were getting into. It's alot of resposibilty to own a house and obvisouly YOU can't handle it and want to blame everybody elsa and not be accountable for your own actions.

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