I had a mortgage with Wilshire and noticed that my auto payments from my bank had stopped. Called to find that they were going out of business.

I got the run around and they would give me no information about the mortgage because it was still under my ex-husbands name. Had to get the Ex-husband involved to try and resolve this situation to no avail. I had no phone number to call. I had no idea who now held the mortgage on my home and no address.

I am not good with computers so this required help. I had no previous knowledge that my mortgage was even being "given" to another company! Now there has been no contact with the new company by phone or by mail!! This is a huge problem as it hurts my credit not to mention that the mortgage payments have not been made.!

No one seems to want to help and the new company apparently lacks in any kind of moral compass as did Wilshire. So how is it that it is okay for these companies to do this and nothing gets done about it until we the consumer,the ones who live in these homes get notice of fore closer? The minute that we send a late payment or no payment the companies are calling non-stop. I want something done about this and I think that any payments that have been affected due to these companies lack of communication should be void.We the consumer makes the effort to pay the bills and get kicked in the face for our trouble.

I am a single mother with two small children and a on permanent disability so the budget is tight but I want to pay my mortgage...I need to pay it for my children.

This constant stress is no good for anyone. Please lets get this problem solved!

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