I'm now out from under Wilshire's thumb. They screwed with me for 9 years.

I was actually in a mental hospital having a breakdown due to financial stress and when they started sending forclosure notices. That gave me some time to get some help. Then they sent the forbearence agreement. I called and explained I couldn't fill out the financial information and I couldn't afford to pay any more than I was.

They asked me to try, I said I would. Three months later they would send another. This continued for over two years. I finally sold the house.

They never did get me to sign that forbearence agreement.

After the closing they sent me a check for money they had been holding in some account I never understood.

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I am currently trying to help my younger brother & sister-in-law who believed they'd been making all their payments but are now getting letters of foreclosure. It's a nightmare trying to get through all the red tape.

They also believe their payments haven't been applied correctly and now have 15 days before the supposed foreclosure date. It's also been published in their local paper that the foreclosure is emminent.

Does anyone have any advice. They've been trying to deal with this for 3 years.


Be grateful you received a check from them. These guys are bad people and they did the same thing to us.

If we did not sign the forebearance agreement we would lose our home. We had to sign it because we have equity in our home but I detest Wilshire.

They have put my husband and me through pure *** for the last 2 years. I want to sell our home to get out from under Wilshire because that seems to be the only way we can.

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