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I was 60 days behind in my mortgage, Wilshire stopped accepting my money, I applied for a loan modification in March, they did not begin to process it until May 2. I have faxed them over 100 time and called them over 500 times.

My loan officer called me back this week and told me that my modification would be completed today. Needless to say, she never called me. I have not received any written communication from them since March, the last bil. The loan officer says I cannot refinance at a lower percentage point, BUT, my fees at this point are over $40,000.00.

Let me repeat this, they have never contacted me, ever, and neither has a lawyer, but they have accrued $40,000 of fees in two months. I believe at this point that they are going to try to foreclose on me BUT, I am waiting, they have NEVER served me any paperwork, so they better not try to charge me lawyers fees or anything else.

I hate them.

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I too was totally screwed by Wilshire. I paid off taxes, a home equity loan, etc.

I was promised a modification. I even rented out the property for them with a one year lease. They foreclosed on the property without my knowledge. I now have to hire an attorney to clean up this dirty mess.

The worst part is that no one seems to care!!!! The president is promising this and that, no one cares!!!!

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