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I recently discovered Wilshire reported to the credit bureau I owe them in excess of $24k. I have never received a single phone call from them or letter indicating as such!

I too had a rep from wilshire call me shortly after moving into my home. She advised me my payments had been insufficient to cover to property tax liability.

She went on to state I would need to come up with the $700 for the shortage of property taxes and my house payment would increase more than $200.

Being recently divorced I was doing my best to

afford my home. But Wilshires tactics cost me my home. I would like to participate in class action law suit, I know all complainants do not need to reside in the same state.

I can't believe they have been getting away with this. I have no idea what the alleged monies are for and never did I receive notification from Wilshire. I was required to have mortgage insurance which paid the mortgage off when I had to default. The monies Wilshire claims I owe are "Undefined"!!!!

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First off, I would like to let MISS PERFECT know that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about... Guess maybe you have never fallen on tough times, and maybe you have never lost a job, and maybe your bowel movements don't even stink.

Some people however have and I am one of them. Wilshire tells us that they can try to help us by this new modification the government implemented. Well we gave them all of our financial information over the phone and they sent us a letter telling us that they needed copies of everything (which I have no problem with). What I do have a problem with is the fact that we just received the letter asking for this information towards the end of last week and then we get another letter yesterday stating that we waited too long to get them the information and that our claim was denied.

So my fiance' attempted to call them to discuss the matter today, and he was told that our claim was denied because of our expenses and stated that unless we can cut some of our expenses that our claim would not be reconsidered. When my fiance' asked what they suggested we cut they made a statement regarding the childcare that we pay when I am not currently employed. My fiance' flat out told them when he gave them our financial information that we were not going to be paying childcare and another expense until I returned to work, at which time I definitely would have more income than the unemployment that I am currently receiving. Wilshire hears what they want to hear and it seems to me all they have done is lied to us.

Our loan started out with payments of 636.00 and now they state the only thing they can do to save our house is to put all of the past due payments to the back of the loan and we would pay $1100.00 a month. I mean are they serious??? Why would they even want us to commit to that when they know that I am currently unemployed and only receiving the maximum unemployment allowed in the state of GA?? It is obvious that we can't afford an $1100 a month mortgage payment.

In two weeks my son and I will not have anywhere to call home. Thanks Wilshire!


We too have been victimized and feel they are the devil!!!! We have tried to modify our loan and every year are told to try again.

Even after filing bankruptcy they have only made it worse. They told us to stop making payments until we heard from them on our loan modification application, now 6 months behind later, they want their money plus some. We took their advice and are now paying for it. We will probably sell or leave after being told.

Any advice, we're all ears!!! Oh, and Miss Perfect, I'd like to kick your ***!!!


i know how you feel we aplied for a loan mod 3times and every time they wanted the same paperwork over and over.never gave an answer and then one day when we were in work they auctioned our home.i live in massachusetts would like to get inon lawsuit!!!!!!


Victim? You can't afford your house and your a "victim" of what?

Your own stupidity? By not looking at your note?You signed a contract>a mortgage company can not change the terms.

It is what is when you signed it.

Now go get boxes and sign up for section 8.


All the stories here sound way too familiar. Your wasting your time if you think Wilshire is working in your or even their best interest.

My house has declined in value by 30% during the past 2 yrs... They increased my monthly payment from $1400.00 to $1950.00 interest only and it des not include taxes and insurance. My total monthly payment increased to $2470.00 on a house that is now worth $170,000.00 down from $265,000.00 in 2007... In addition to that my house did not appreciate in value during the past 2 years..

Yep, I did the forebearance with them too and it was a waste of money and time... I have not made a payment to them for the past 10 months and dont intend to. I lost all my equity and everything I paid towards my house during the past 5 years. They can go ahead and foreclose if they wish, I've lost it all anyways.

Loan modification and attempts to work them have failed each and every time. I'll move when I'm ordered to vacate, but untill then I'm staying put.

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