Here in Missouri we have experience 5 federally declared disasters. I have called Wilshire trying to make payment arrangements and I keep getting reminded that they are a loan servicer and not the actual loan holder.

I keep getting no where. I finally had to hire an attorney and I still not sure if we will save our home. Wilshire is well trained in being the heartless don't give a *** company. I didn't choose them, they chose me because my mortgage was a ARM mortgage.

Way to screw the American dream people.

I am not asking for a hand out but apparently they just want to keep harrasing me until I do things their way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wilshire Credit Loan.

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Many people got screwed because of misinformation........we don't need dickheads on here like you "Thats right" rubbing it in.........Wilshire bought my loan........but they were the 3rd company that "serviced" the loan within 3 months of closing


Wilshire has no customer service. They are a credit and collection company (they say) but in my own personal opinion I think they are a front company because all the now defunct mortgage holders and banks senior officials and CEO's seem to have jobs there.

We have had nothing put pure heartache and more from these people. They are a rip-off company who has no idea of how to handle mortgages. They lie and lie and *** over while doing it.

Why HUD is doing business with these people is beyond me. It leaves me with a very low opinion of HUD.


you said you didnt choose them, they chose you because your loan is an ARM.. but didnt you choose the ARM? Looks like you ruined your own dream

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