We have been tryng to settle a 2nd on our home for well over 2 years, we can't reach anyone when we call, We have left many messages,they don't return calls.This is holding up the refinancing of our home. We have an attorney and they refuse to return his calls or emails.

If there are others in California that would like to prepare a class action suit please reply to this complaint and I will send you my email to correspond with.This company should not be in business they are crooks and lack integrity. Thanks

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Johnstown, Colorado, United States #15410

i have been trying to reach wilshier for a week now there no respond i am very sick of this company they got to go it just not fair how they treat there consumer

Kurgan, Kurgan, Russian Federation #13887

If anyone is suing in Califirnia count me in. I am not late on my loan as of now and I have been trying to get a loan modification for over 5 months however I keep being asked to submit the same paperwork over and over.

Oberlin, Louisiana, United States #13291

FYI, Merrill Lynch owns Wilshire. Merrill does not want a bad rap, if you complain to them, you may get somewhere.

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