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How is it possible for Wilshire Credit Corp or any company to get away with ripping off needed people. I was assisting my brother with paperwork from Wilshire to modify his mortage, there was a $6,000 charge my brother did not know the reason.

He had to sign a statment he could't suit. I tried to talk my brother out of this, he was afraid of loosing his home. Month later Wilshire charge him $1400 for insurance he already had. they sent back payments causing late fees.

instead of helping him they ripped him off for $6,400.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wilshire Credit Loan.

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Araripina, Pernambuco, Brazil #45304

Wilshire tried to do the same thing to my husband and I and we refused to sign the papers with the paragraph included that signed away our legal rights. We X'd through the paragraph and initialed and mailed it in.

No one should have to sign away their legal rights in order to obtain a loan modification just to be able to keep from losing their home. However, you could state the papers were signed under duress because they were. We have also had the same problem with the insurance. This seems to be a pattern with Wilshire.

The insurance thing happens to us constantly and the burden of proof lay upon us each time to prove that we do have insurance. I am sick and tired of every month having to prove we have insurance.

It seems as if every month there is something wrong with our loan even after the modification. This company is the worst nightmare that could every have happened to us.

Vred, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France #33262

I fully expected my mortage to rise after the ARM was competed, but it more than doubled. Then, after paying for home insurance, THEY claimed I didn't have any and charged me an astronomical amount for THEIR home insurance and fees.

Even after presenting documents to prove they are at fault, they won't forgive the fees that they created. Oh, and all this happened while I was in Iraq so there is no legal action I can take.

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