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I got a car loan of 2000.00 dollars back in december of 2007 and here we are in 2010 and my balance is 1500.00. when I try to find out why is it taking so long for me to pay this loan,they say its because im been late making my payments.If you call ten days being late,and Iam making the late charges.When I try to get a payment history all we end up doing is getting into arguments.Starting with the employees then the manager,the only thing they want to know is when am I going to make my next payment.So if anyone knows where I can get a good person to audit my loan id appriciate it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wilshire Credit Loan.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Hey I just sued them for an illegal repo. I suggest u seek legal consul.

They are doing shady business and according to the state I live in their contract isn't even valid. Get a lawyer or contact your state consumer affairs.

They settled with my lawyer. They didn't wanna go to trial

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Hi, what state are you in? I have an attorney helping me but he is slow moving and would like someone who's ready to go forward.

He mentioned to me he has sued Wilshire and Westlake numerous times. I have been calling them out on their fees left and right citing their illegalities in charging them against what NOT and contract says and in response they say they are going to wave them as a "courtesy" this time, lol. They are jackasses, but they count on you not knowing your rights, so KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND GET AN ATTORNEY IF YOU DON'T so you can. They know they're wrong, they flipped when I told them I was going to record phone calls (even though they claim the same and legally all it takes is advising them, not permission as they claim) and they flipped when they realized I am working with an attorney and know my rights.

Don't let their talk convince you that they are right in their actions.

They are not, but it is going to take you documenting everything along the way and getting them to send you proof of payments applied etc. Best of Luck, Go get em!!


I have a loan with them right now. I have been making my payment, and all the other thing they tack on.

This month I got a bill for about $3k. I asked when I was making the arrangement over the phone, I asked if there would be a balloon payment. I was told oh no, don't worry about it. When the paperwork was brought to me, it was in the parking lot at my work, signing it on the hood of the reps car.

I asked her about a balloon payment and again I was told no. When I asked what the payment are, I was told I would get a bill. Over the last three years they have called and threatened me about my payment.

I even got told if I didn't give them $31, they would repo my car. they know I am now on disability, but they keep uping my payments


Everything is outlined in the contract that you sign. You must read it.

Yes, I am also a customer, and am paying 100% interest. Your payments are in black and white, along with how your interest is computed. I needed the money, and this was the only alternative, but I read everything, and then read it again prior to signing.

I used to have a loan with Santander Consumer, and they are the bottom of the bottom algae suckers.

Wilshire has been a joy compared to them.

Regarding a payment extension or payment arrangement, make sure you get something in writing!!!

Longview, Texas, United States #599843

I have had no problems with Wilshire. I borrowed the money knowing interest was high because they're lending money to those of us with less than perfect credit.

You know this is true or you would've gotten a regular loan. Anyhow, I've made all of my payments on time, with the exception of 2, and they were only 3 days late. I owe two more payments and I'm done.

You hav to nderstan that hese loan companies are taking a chance by lending us money due to our credit. If they're willing to help us out, you should return he favor by paying them what you agreed to.

Judgement Enforcement
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, United States #586208

Hey, I am sorry for anyone who have had a bad experience with Wilshire Consumer Credit. I have had the exact opposite.

I was in a bind and not only did they pay off the lien I already had on my vehicle they also gave me larger loan with a smaller payment.

I can't speak for every employee that they have but Stephen and Mady C were the people I have been dealing with and they are way better than TITLEBUCKS by far. And I live in South Carolina!!!!

to Judgement Enforcement Phoenix, Arizona, United States #586939

Judgment Enforcement as a name? Really???????????? You couldn't try to come up with a name that doesn't scream, "I WORK FOR WILSHIRE CONSUMER CREDIT!!!"?

This fake post is nothing but an attempt to try and combat all the truthful posts about the despicable nature of this company. I am sure that this was posted by either Stephen or Mady C, if either person truly exists.

Please don't beleive Judgement Enforcements post, this company will try and take all you have and then some. There is other options out there, please don't let them reel you in with their lies and deciet.


Judgement Enforcement
to Give me a break Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, United States #600261

And I guess Give me a break is your name. My name is William Reeves and I Own Low Country Judgment Recovery Services.

www.lcjrservices.wix.com/lcjrservices. I live in Hilton Head SC. My phone number is 843-842-8418. Feel free to check out my website or call me pal.

I don't have to lie about my loan situation nor lie about the company. Fact is Fact!

As I stated the paid off my lien with title bucks and gave me a larger loan with payments that are $67 cheaper than I had with title bucks. Now I can't speak for you or your issues with them but for *** sure don't speak about me if you don't know what the *** you are not talking about!

to Judgement Enforcement Fountain Valley, California, United States #884126

please another attempt to try to fool us we all know that Wilshire consumer credit is the biggest rip off out there why you would put your name on that company is beyond me haven't you looked at all the reviews they are horrible the rating for this company is a 0

to Judgement Enforcement #894139

Judgment recovery services… I am a PI, I know well what that means. Kind of like the BS Repo guy who they put me on hold for 20 minutes to call and come pick my vehicle up AFTER I was told the payment we were setting up on the same phone call prior was setting my account current-go figure!

Anyhow, back to the Repo guy… By law he has to send accounting of personal items and storage fees to get them back. He wouldn't even after I contacted him telling them I never received such paperwork. Wilshire has my correct address, always has, but somehow Mr. Repo got the wrong address for mailing, lol.

And god forbid he actually send me the accounting of my personal items and where I can pick them up when I make the request that this time he send it to the CORRECT address. They also charged me for duplicate keys that cost more than having them made at the dealership, and yet they damaged my locks and gear shifter anyway. Next time use the keys jackasses-I would have given you mine had I any reason to believe calling you and making a payment would result in illegal repo.

Enjoy all my cameras that were in my vehicle with confidential evidence on them… See you in a few months and good luck with your state license.

P.S. Your payment is cheaper because they are making more money off you genius.


Hey guys: I have tried 3 times to email this djgoldstein@cbs.com and it always comes back with an undeliverable note. Could you please let me know what is wrong or if this is a hoax.

I am going to call CBS to find out if he really works for them or if he is a phoney. and is working for Wilshire Credit to get our info, I would not put it passed them to use phoney info to use against us.


very bad customer service. WCC makes it difficult to pay bill.

i am afraid to mail it because they can say they didnt receive it or make it late and you cant prove it unless you send registered mail which is time consuming. I tried to pay online and website not working. i tried to pay on phone and you dont know how much there taking out of account. You give all your information first instead of giving payment amount.

I am afraid to do that for fear they take all money out of bank acct. All the reviews i have read are horrible. I made a big mistake taking loan from them. Only desperate people take out these loans and i was desperate at the time.

If i win lottery i will pay everybodys loan that has borrowed from WCC. I am trying to get funds to pay off although i read that they make u pay installments daily to pay off so they can collect interest and they say there is no early pay off penalty.

I will find out soon but when i pay off i will pay off in one day. i will drive to officeto pick up my title.


RUN dont walk, as far far away from these demonds that want to see your soul fall to the depths of *** to join them. They will destroy your life!!

You get 20 calls a day on the first day its due, go 5 days past due and the REPO man is calling you. Run, sell blood, sell a kydney, become a ***, ANYTHING but DONT borrow from Wilshire consumer credit......................................


This company is ran by crooks! They call all night long and harass you.

I've been making payments for a year on 2000 and I still owe 2500! WTF!

If I could come thru the phone some wilshitters would get a cracked skull! Something needs to be done about this so called loan company!



They are very unprofessional and take advantage of the crisis people are in. They don't care about no one but getting their $$$!!!

I send this email to CBS2 to investigate, here's David Goldstein's email so everyone can email him about the problem and put WCC out of Business:


My wife and i asked for a Loan from Wilshire about 2 years ago, July 06,2009 when we where struggling finincially. My wife went online to look for a car title loan. It was are last resort to get some quick cash putting one of our vihicles as callateral. We live in Rancho Cucamonga and that same day everything was done through fax and phone calls. This great Company, which we thought was there to help us, drove from LA to Rancho Cucamonga after 5 pm. We all know traffic is bad @ that time, but the lady drove out here and had a check for $2500 and the contract. After i saw the Contract i saw the interest rate was 79%!!! We where going to end up paying about $4500, we ended up taking the check and signing the Cotract, we where desperate! Monthly payment $218.79

We have struggled the past 2 years financially but have made the payments to the loan however we can, most of the time late but nomore than 30 days. I get a bill every month from Wilshire Consumer and it keeps reading the balance a little over $2000. If i'm late 1 day i start getting charged 79% interest per day. I didn't understand what it meant till this Wednesday July 13, 2011. I was 23 days late and i received a call from a repo man saying that he had an order to repo my truck. I called Wilshire and as always the employees are very rude, sarcastic and dont care bout customers complaints and concerns. They just say are ready to make your payment in a rude way. Everytime i ask to speak to a Mangager everybody says he's not available. I have never been able to speak to a Mangager since i've been a customer. After i was transfered to Collections department with Ivan, he told me there was nothing he could do to reverse the repo. I told them that i've been unemployed for couple of months and i had a mild heart attack last year and this debt was just stressing me and my family. Ivan would only say that i signed the contract and knew what i was getting into. I asked how much i had already paid on the loan and he said a little over $4000 and still owed $2000 because of late interest rate charges. Now i understand why my principal doesnt go down. I mentioned to Ivan that i was going to file a complain with BBB & contact CBS 2 because i thought this was inmorral what they are doing. He took it as a threat and i said it was just the way i felt and i'm sure there is many more current and former customers feeling the same way. 23 days and i'm getting my truck repo! After pleading with Ivan to give me couple of days he agreed and gave me till Friday July 25, 2011 @ 3pm to make my monthly payment. After i made my payment today i was told that since i was 25 days late the whole payment was going to go to interest charges! My principal will never go down. I asked how much my total payoff would be and he told me it's $2000. Ivan mentioned on Wed that i only had 5 payments left before todays payment but because i've been late with my payment that's why i'm going to end up paying over $6000 on the loan. I also told him that i might end up paying off the loan with a credit card, just to get them of my back and he said that they could only take 3 monthly payments on credit card or if i wanted to pay off i could do it Western Union, company policy! Something is fishy bout doing it Western Union.

It is rediculouse what i'm going to end up paying even though i was already going to pay crazy $4500, over $6000 is beyond that!!!



lets all of us call the bbb and make are complaints to them then we can all pass judgment on them get them out of business.javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


I have AIDS and was hospitalized on and off during a two month period where I missed payments on my car, which I borrowed against. In March of this year, my car was repossessed.

The same day it was repossessed, Ronnie Larson, at Wilshire, told me that if I was to pay 700$ within an hour, I would get my car back that same day.

So, even though I was still very ill, having just left the hospital, I walked down to CVS and paid the 700$. When I called Mr. Larson back to inform him of my payment, he said fine, and he would get back to me.

The next day he informed me that I wasn't getting the car back. is this right?


I called Wilshire and asked for additional time to pay my car note. My account was only 20 days late.

I asked for 31 days and would make a pmt and following pay another payment to bring current. They repeatedly told me a manager would review and the loan will go to repo if i dont pay. Rude and unprofessional customer reps.

They need to be shut down.Legal loan sharks. They pray on desperate people in out bad economy.


Called this company to make a payment. A drunk guy answers the phone with a loud Mexican music in the background.

First thing he said is whats your account number. No greeting, no hello, no introduction, all he said with a drunk slur "whats your account number". This is the most unprofessional company I've dealt with. It seems they just went to the street and picked up some homeless, rude drunks to answer their phones.

But what would you expect from a loan shark.

Thanks Express Cash Network for destroying peoples life in need of money. Never deal with this company.


After reading all of the reviews I decided to start asking WCC questions regarding loan re-payment. Due to the lack of knowledge on their own procedures and each question asked could not be answered in writing I decieded to opt out of loan (did not sign contract).

If you want to avoid any misleading information from companies ask for everything in writing. Although it WCC states no pre-payment penalty the truth is that when you give them a payment in advance it can not exceed 3x the amount owed monthly with in a day and that the payment does not post the day you pay but rather when they post it. Example, if I want to pay off the loan in the total amount it must be done in daily payments. I must pay $600.00 each day on a $2500.00 loan, therefore I will continue to pay the daily interest rate instead of just paying the total amount of $2500.00 plus interest.

So you can not pay off the loan in the total amount it must be broken down in installments. Another thing if you make a payment by telephone it does not post the day you call but rather when they post the payment to your account which can be hours or days later. If days later than you will accumulate the same interest on the balance until they subtract amount from original balance. Example, if I owe $2500.00 and pay $1000.00 in two days, the payment may not show until after the date it was paid and therefore I will still occure interest.

If you pay by Western Union you must pay WU $15.00 which means your payment to them is $1015.00 instead of $1000.00, everyone earns money off of you. Personally you would want to pay by WU because it is done electronically and the payment is on record with WU and WCC and if you need to go to court which can take months to resolve (time off of work, etc)but all in all you will likely when your case due to accounting negligence on WCC part. If you can hold out on a loan do so. WCC is only in the business of profit not for the interest of the general public.

Further, they loan is not typical of a loan in regards to APR but rather PRT. The loan by WC is a simple interest loan and the interest is daily not monthly this is why your loan never goes down because only about 1 percent of your payment goes towards the principal and so you pay about 99 percent towards interest. Example: your payment is $240.00 a month; $25.00 goes towards principal and $215.00 goes towards interest. Your daily rate for this loan is $6.00.

$6.00 x 30 days = roughly $175.00. Remember it is daily not monthly when taking these loans or payday loans out. If you do the yearly interest it is about 85 percent per year on a daily basis. Advice, do the math, ask for a copy of the contract prior to signing one.

Do not go over contract the day it is to be signed ask for a copy prior to signing to read the contract diligently and you can proceed to ask questions before they travel to you to have you place your signature or before you drive clear accross town to sign one. Always send emails, use emails to your advantage.

Ask all your questions via email so you can use your emails as a legal document in case you have to go to court. Emails are considered legal documents and if they have mislead you in an email you can use this as evidence in a court of law.

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