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if you have done business with wilshire consumer credit and Westlake financial tried to collect on the debt by taking over payments or trying to repo your car please let me know. also if you have faced any type of predatory lending acts from Wilshire Consumer Credit or Westlake Financial Please let me know I will let all of you know about the lawsuit shortly.

if either company has called your family or friends or your work it is against the Fair Credit Act, please make notes of the dates and times. please email me directly at with your stories.

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yes my car repo only late 1 and 1/2 months. no phone calls.

Walnut, California, United States #872691

I entered a loan, couldn't keep up with the payments, had my car repo'd paid off a large portion of the loan to get car back, was supposed to enter an agreement of a plan to pay off the rest but never received anything. Even after I emailed them for receipts and paper work nothing ever happened even after they responded.

I had my car repo'd again without warning. Its like they want your interest rate to go to a certain point and then just take your car so you can pay it all off at once.

California City, California, United States #738996

We entered into a title loan with Wilshire over three years ago. The original amount was 4700.00.

I was to pay 360.00 a month for the three years. I did this. Some payments were late but I paid that amount for the entire 36 months. Wilshire sent me a letter demanding that I pay the balance of my loan in a balloon payment of 4900.00 at the end of the three years.

I have paid these people over 12,000 dollars thus far now they are demanding another 5000.00 or they will repo my truck.

I don't know what to do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Clarkesville, Georgia, United States #654031

Well ... my FIRST payment with Wilshire Consumer Credit is due tomorrow and I'll be damned if they didn't come and repo my truck TONIGHT!

I called Wilshire immediately and attempted to explain the obvious error on their part and I was informed that the repo place is CLOSED until tomorrow! They had not explanation - only said that my payment was due APRIL 21st NOT MAY 21st! I never received my paperwork, as everything was done by computer!!!!!!!! They didn't even have my P.O.

Box down .... NO phone calls as they never recorded my new number or ANYTHING. They tried to tell me that they called me several times at work and well, BULL-***! There's NO way they called me at work, as I'm there a lot and when I'm not, I would receive my messages.

When I asked WHO they left messages with, well, isn't it funny how they had NO names for me?!?!?! Here I am - supposed to be sleeping and simply waiting for tomorrow to get here so that I can call ALL THESE SUPER-COMPETENT people back and get my truck. I'm so pissed that I'm really finding it difficult to talk.

All I know is this: I BETTER get my truck back TOMORROW! I'll let you know the outcome.


Wilshire Consumer repo'd my car even after we had come to a payment arrangement. The arrangement was only necessary after there representative did not setup my auto payment as she said she would.

I received notice the day AFTER my car was repo'ed to contact the VP, so we could make arrangements. When I let the company know that I received this letter and the repo was done prior to this notice which means they jumped the gun. The gentlemen became rude and has lied to me ever since. I have been given several different amounts in to which I am to pay to get my car back.

No one knows where my car is. I can be contacted at


:( I was calling them to tell them my payment was going to be 1 day late, I was yelled at and by Patty then she also told me I don't want your money I'm coming to repo my car, then I asked to speak to her supervisor she just hung up in my face. they call my old job that i no longer work at, they constantly call family and friends telling them I have a car of theirs and they are going to have me arrested if I don't give them the car.

then they keep sending repo men to my house at all times of the night, All i wanted to do was send my payment 1 day late and I get attacked, mentally abused and threatened, that's not good business etiquette. These people need a reality check and they also need to go back to training to be more professional.


I am being dragged through *** with these ***. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out!


I have had this company contact my relatives, who live out of state and make false statements to them. Telling them such things as," they told us you were hiding the car for them." And this is after we had been in contact with them daily attempting to renegotiate our contract !

Even after notifying them of their behavior and stating to them , this was a violation of FDCPA, the harassment did not stop ! I will gladly join your efforts.

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