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And they are laughing all the way to the bank.they repossessed my car and now that I have paid to get it back their underhanded sidekicks Brashers auto auction in Rio Linda has my car and won't release it for another 5 days,,,,,paid Tuesday at 3:30 pm was told by Angel "you can pick up your car tomorrow" LOL they are worse than liars they are thieves as well if you have not made a deal with this devil...... run.

run like your life depends on it!!!! They keep moving my car further away from me right now it is 10 hours away on public transportation, Brashers has my car On their the pictures everything is gone out of it..... all the tables I use flea market my prescription glasses are in the car they refused to allow me to get them w/o paying $10 1 day and a $50 flat fee!!!! I did not have $70 dollars and becoming increasing anxious because I feel insecure going into areas that I am not familiar with because I can't see clearly the morning they locked me out of my home I had a heart attack no insurance now once your homeless you get disenfranchised very fast....a few friends and family invited me to stay with them but could not bring my cats I ended up in the hospital the day they locked me out of my home.with a very high heart rate my chest hurt and I couldn't breath I thought I was dying of a heart attack bill is $10,000.00 but F' my credit with a eviction on my record no one will rent to me anyhow!I have temporary haven in excoworkers home, my own lil room surrounded by my furbabies but this is just a waystop...OH back to my car they put hub caps on it rated it a 3.6 and have repairs priced at 575.00 repairs!?!?!?

WTF!!!! I don't know what else I can DOOOO this is crazy and people get crazy and goooooooopooo postal! I am a senior citizen that has no family in California I'm suffering from severe depression I took this loan in desperation to pay my rent for my mobile home in which i have lived for 22 years they refused to accept my rent so I invested half the 2600 in the car 2 new tire good tires etc....I earn my living by selling at flea market.....but not w/o a car i have been evicted from my home with my 3 cats.....PEOPLE DO GET SOOOOOO UPSET THEY DO DRASTIC THINGS........

THEN KILL THEMSELVES BUT WILSHIRE DOES NOT CARE!!! Between my battle with the property managers to exercise my rights and now this......God help all these people!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wilshire Credit Loan.

Reason of review: all of the above.

Monetary Loss: $775.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Oh poor baby! YOU brought this repo upon yourself by YOU not doing what YOU were supposed to do...make YOUR payments on time.

That's a FACT! Now you want everybody to march according your orders. Sorry, life doesn't work that way. YOU shouldn't have caused the repo.

However, in very typical deadbeat fashion, it's all their fault, isn't it? No, I don't work for them.


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