I have to mortgages every month, unfortunitly I sent both checks in one mortgage envelope on accident.

One check was made out to Wilshire and the other was Saxon Mor. Wilshire cashed both checks as payment for them,even though the other check was made out to a second mortgage company, when disputing this matter with a rep. I was told that they do not have a phone # for the loan Dept. , but to fax them of the bank transaction, and that it could take up to 2 wks for a refund.

Now I'm late on the second morgage and have not even gotten a response as of yet.

This to me sounds shadey since the check was not made out to them and the money they cashed was not applied to my statement I that I just recieved from them.

Very concerned need some help!!!!!


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You are upset and crying, because you are confused and you are confused because you are ***. It\'s that simple.


Wilshire Corp has avoided me since July. I put in two separate

offers on the same home with prequalification letters on both. Since July 27 I have not heard a word and noone can answer my questions. Since then One buyer backed out because they never had an answer and the other one is still waiting but has resumed to looking at other homes. Even the Wilshire attorney, Owen Robinson has not returned my calls nor has the loan office who was assigned to this case whose name is Anna Haidar.

You gave the seller permission to

put the home on the market in hopes she could sell it before you forclosed. You have now lost the sale of this home and ruined someones credit for a very long time. If this is the way these credit companies are doing business then you can bet on it you will cause major problems in the real estate market. Never will I get involved with Wilshire Credit Corp again......

Oberlin, Louisiana, United States #13292

Wilshire services loans for Saxon, Wilshire can accept checks on behalf of Saxon.

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