Everyone reading these reviews against Wilshire Credit Please also go to www.ripoffreport.com and also see many, many other people who have had it with this company. You can also see good additional information and see this company for what they really are.

Between this excellent site and the other mentioned above maybe we can get something done. This company is defrauding homeowners and it has to stop!!!

United we stand and there are enough of us that we should be able to do something. Someone please do a web posting for signatures to help all of us.

Wilshire employees - You know what is going on. You cannot work there and not what this company is doing. You can stay there and continue to be a partner in crime or else help all of us.

When you unknowingly do wrong your are innocent.

When you knowingly do wrong and keep on doing it you are as guilty as who you are doing it for!!

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