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Wilshire foreclosed on a property in Arizona. I later bought it from a company that bought it at auction from the trustee that Wilshire hired to sell it.

Two weeks after the auction, after I closed on my purchase of the property, they (Wilshire) ordered the home broken into by a national bullying company named Safeguard Properties (800-852-8306). They (Safeguard employees) destroyed new locks we had just put in and in the process destroyed the entry door. During the first several hours of this issue both Safeguard and Wilshire hid behing a cloak of secrecy, a maze of never-ending phone trees, and no options to speak to a human being without an account number.

I'm going to charge them for the damages, the time I spent chasing this to ground, and I might as well add legal fees, duress, etc.

Wish me luck.

Monetary Loss: $525.

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Saint Clair, Michigan, United States #26135

I wish you luck and thank you for disclosing this. I'm trying to navigate through my own situation as we speak.

I am a court stenographer attached to a powerful judge and have access to all of the legal assistance I need.

I am not letting this one lie without making a lot of noise.

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