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We paid 23920.22 to a law firm via a cashiers check, got our receipt to stop foreclosure. Three weeks later the mortgage co. Wilshire contacts and says they don't have the money. WHAT! We paid your atty's.....then we went to our bank and after much ***, they spoiled the cashier check and redeposited the funds to our account.

We then sought legal help to pay these people...which took them a month in half to respond

to only to ask for 3000.00 more than the original 23920.22 we paid already that their atty's misplaced, threw away or whatever they did. Then theysold our home in forclosure sale jan 07 to further add insult to injury already inflicted. Which brings us to today....we are still in our home being terroristed every threemonths by sheriffs serving eviction notice after eviction notice. Nobody willing to accept the money.

where or who do I contact to join this class action please contact me today. Please contact us.

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I just did the same thing. Please contact me if you find anything useful out.

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