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When my home was purchased in 2004, I had 80/20 loans. Refinanced next year and 2nd to Wilshire was paid off.

When refinanced in 2007, ran into problem where Wilshire never sent in Release of Lien to local Recorder's Office. Called them twice, closing company called them also, and they promised paperwork was on the way. Some way, some how, that loan finally closed. Now trying to refinance for better interest rates and closing is being held up because Wilshire lied and never sent the Release of Lien.

Now closing company is trying to deal with Bk. of America and that is like trying to get a needle out of a haystack.

I'm sure I paid several times over for that Release to be recorded and it never happened. I think somebody somewhere should sue their a*** off.

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Same. my first home loan was through wilshire credit.

I also had 80/20 loan. I sold the home almost four years ago and paid off the mortgage to wilshire.

Found out yesterday that I can't even get a car loan because Wilshire has the home listed as "in forclosure". Thanks for nothing @$$holes....


Wilshire Credit Corp reported the Sale of my property in 2008 as a Foreclosure just before Bank of America took over. I am STILL fighting with Equifax, Experian & TransUnion to get them to correct the error on my Credit Report, over 3 years later.


I had the same thing happen. Bank of America took over the loan from Wilshire and the Wilshire loan was not recorded as paid off.

After three years there has been no change. B of A says I have to deal with Wilshire.

Wilshire does not answer the phone or letters. One great company.

Janet Hayes

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