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Wilshire initially told my son in order to save their home and keep it from going into foreclosure they would need to make an $800.00 dollar payment.

When they tried to make that payment then they wanted $2000.00. When they were able to come up with that amount then they wanted $5000.00. When they knew they were in the process of trying to come up with that amount (with family help) Wilshire called them at 5:00 p.m. Dec.31,2009 and told them that in order to reinstate their mortage they would need to make a payment of $41,000.00 (that day) prior to closing at 5:30. The A_ _ that called them asked if they thought they could handle that.

It was as if each time they came up with the amount they asked for they set the bar a little higher to make sure they could not attain it.

They notified my son on Wed that his home was going for auction on Mon. Reading other comments from people who have also been screwed over by Wilshire it's as if they have an inside source buying all these homes and holding them until the market does an upturn.

Instead of having a loan with Wilshire --- go to a loan shark or the Mafia. Their rates are actually cheaper and their employees are much smarter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wilshire Credit Loan.

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