Wilshire credit corp. was just bought out by bank of america, however they decided to keep my payments.

My account went over to B of A showing that I have not paid since November 2009 but all of my payments were made. THEY KEPT THE MONEY!!! HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE? B of A is telling me most of the accounts look that way.

If this has happened to others we need to join forces to keep from loosing our homes. I am now in the process of proving that I have made my payments but if they cannot recoup the money from Wilshire it may not matter.

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I just found out that Wilshire Mortgage has been taking escrow from my mortgage. I pay my own property insurance and taxes.

I asked BOA to tell me where the money has been going and how can I get it back. They told me that they will not credit the money back to me but they will stop taking it and I need to contact Wilshire to get my money back from them.

I have no way of contacting Wilshire all websites and telephone number sent me to BOA. So they have just taken my money....


B of A is theworst ever everything I have readhas happened to me. they are a joke I want to start a class action but need involvment from all homeowners in cali to contactme about they issues


In 2007 I paid of my Wilshire loan via the sale of my condo. Yesterday, I went online to pay my BOFA credit card bill and noticed that BOFA listed an account for a mortgage of over $112,000.

I called BOFA and they said the loan is in my name, with my social security number and that they received the loan from Wilshire.

The really strange thing is, when they opened the loan, it was in the name Eugene Coizza and had a NY address. I think there is some serious fraud going on here.....


Wilshire sold my loan to BOA and told them that I have not made any payment for 14 months.Out of the money that I did pay, they sent 1000.00 to BOA. Now I have to look for a new house because BOA raised my to beyond my income


My wife and I are in the same situation as most of you. If BOA does intend to forclose, ask them to produce the original mortage, then go and find a good forclosure attorney.

That maybe a oxymoron! Also, people need to start researching the validity of the promisary and just what banks use them for.


Here we go again, I am going throught the very same situation. Anyone experiancing this should file a complaint with the WA AGOs office, file a complaint with DFI who will in turn forward your complaint to the Comptroller of the Currency who will share that information to the FTC.

Once this has been done you will recieve a confomation letter from each of the above whiche will contain a case or file number, where you will be able to send all of your documentation and relative thoughts, oh ya...!! Keep every piece of relative information, receit and any letter you recieve, make about four copies of everything because when you recieve your conformation letter send your information to them all.

P.s. send everything return reciet requested-LATE :(


Don't be surprised if BOA loses your faxes.

They will try everthing in there power to get you to pay those missing months. I've faxed proof of payment to the "Payment Research Department" at BOA (6) time with no resolve. I now have to seek a finacial attorney.

A Class Action Lawsuit would be a good idea at this point. It would certainly put some minds at ease.


Same thing happened to me. I am also faxing proof of auto debit payments to BofA.


This same thing is happening to us right now!!! I am faxing copies of checks to bank of america now



Did you pay off the loan or did you short sale the loan. If you did a short sale then you diodn't recieve a full lein release because Wilshire does not do that. That means that whatever the shortage is the bank is still able to collect.


In February 2010 I paid off my loan with Wilshire mortgage via a sale of my condo. In March I started receiving collection calls from Bank of America stating that Wilshire had sold my loan.

I sent the BofA rep the HUD1, wire transfer and Reconveyance letter and BofA still won't believe it because they don't have those records directly from Wilshire.

So, since mid-March I receive multiple daily collection calls threatening my credit score and piling up late fees and charges. ...and I don't even have a loan with BofA!!!


wilshire screwed us up!!!I applied fot the obama program in sep and it was denied.they told me to apply for their in-house financing which I did and everytime I check the progress of my home modification from them,some one always say it is being processed or in review.In Feb 2010 they wrote me a foreclosure letter with the sale set for 03/26/10.After that I was told that they sold the mortgage to BAC and now I am trying to work out with BAC so that I can keep my house.This is a nightmare and I am stressed out.


Im in the same nightmare. B of A bought our loan on 3/1/10 and informed me that i have not made a payment since 4/09. im getting all of my documention together now to send to B of A.


I am having the same problem. My loan was taken over by B of A in March and wilshire just withdrew an automatic payment from my account today and screwed up my account!! I am interested in joining forces to make sure that they correct this for me and everyone else effected.


This is what happpened to us too! BAC is saying we didn't pay our Feb/10 payment and ding our credit report.

BAC is no help directing us to Wilshire disconnected phone #. Plus BAC automated line 800-669-6607 is horrible!

Everyone needs to keep calling BAC to deal with this mess and have them fix it, since they bought our info. This is sooooo frustrating!!!!!!!



Same is happening to us ItS A SCAM!!!!


I sold my house and the home closed on 2/19/2010. Wilshire did not inform B of A any of this.

B of A states all they got was a blank file with my loan amount. Now I am having to get the documents for them but this loan is showing past due on my credit.

Also, they are referencing the loan the person who purchased the house as the first on the property. NOT GOOD!!!

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