Wilshire must be stopped!!!

I am willing to file a class action suit against them.

This predatory Lender has gotten away with enough consumers money.

Will anyone join me???

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I'm also in on a law suit. This company needs to refund everyone they have swindled thousands of dollars from. I have every article they printed and I to have been taken for alot of money email topguncharters@yahoo.com

Norwich, New York, United States #604953

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Norwich, New York, United States #604950

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Yes. Please contact me I would like to join in a class action law suit. yerinachristian@verizon.net

Sacramento, California, United States #584608

I would also like to join in on a lowsuit against HSBC bank. My email address is yalemh3@aol.com


I would like to join please



I would love to join this class action lawsuit. Every year it is the same thing, they dip into my escrow even after my agent send out a letter stating I have enough coverage.

After months of back and forth with Wells Fargo I finally get my money back, but for how much time I spend arguing I feel I should be compensated. tpignatowski@jacks.sdstate.edu


Please contact me I would love to join this class action suit. susanaudisho@gmail.com


i will join lawsuit


Email me paulagipson@ymail.com having the same problem


I am with you, I to cannot get them off of my phone line. I went with voipo with a new number, but if someone calls my old number, majicjack comes on and tells them to leave a message.

I have chated with them at least 8 times with them promising me that it will be taken care of. They are still on my line.

They refused to give me an address or phone number for personal contact. If you can get a large group of people to file a class action suit, count me in.


i would like to join the class action lawsuit snicoleallen74@gmail.com


I will like to join in too. cabreray@district65.net


I am in

Darryl Grayson

Darryl Grayson & Associates dlender@consultant.com


CENLAR is doing the same to us. I have been trying for 3 months to get them to correctly report the fact that I have been paying my mortgage since Taylor Bean went belly up.

They keep me on the phone for ever and ask for more and more information, make faulse promises. They claim that we did not make a payment in April of this year, I faxed the bank statement showing that they cashed the check as they asked.

They have still not fixed the situation, each time I call they ask for another letter or another fax. We are in if you want to file a class action.


i am very angry I would know who are you really helping here the mortgage company yourselves or the consumers that really feeling the pain here. I hope yall help fight this Lawsuit against this company and compensate every party that is involved with this ripoff mortgage company.

Stop helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. To the people at the Wilshire Credit I will pray to God that yall will help Every party to restore thei Credit so they can get back on track and get back to their normal lives. Please Help us fight this lawsuit. I live in North Carolina please contact me by email.reyes.merita@yahoo.com we are also victims of Saxon Mortgage company.

Involve me in this classaction lawsuit also. Alot of North Carolinians are also victims so Saxon.


My husband and I as well as everybody else wants to know whether to the payment to Texas or California this company saxon si giving the people run arounds where they need to send the payments. We want one place to send tit too.

I have called the operator and gave them that po box address and they said it was Saxon mortgage in California buy that adress. They are lieing we don\'t know where they are sending that money too but the covers are about to pull off of them. They\'re are no matching found under the name Saxon Mortgage in California I called the operator and their no match they are scamming us the always had every since 2006 someone please help us file a classaction lawsuit not only us but every one that is involved. Help us.

Add us in the lawsuit. Sue them this business the government need to get in volve now. They are nasty and very cruel.NEEDS to be put out of business before more people get hurt.They are abusing a lotof people physically and emotionally and don\'t care who they hurt it\'s coming up again payday is coming after while.The AlMIGHTY HE SEES EVERY THING YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM HIM WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT THEY RIPPED OFF IT\'S COMING BACK ON THEM AND THEY WILL GET THE BAD END OF THE BARGAIN.WE want double the money back what we have put in that\'s including every body else.Yall may sit back and laugh but the ALMIGHTY ONE HAS THE LAST SAY. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.

Nova Star was our first mortgage company but our loan got turned over to saxon i thought you have to sign papers stating that you're switching from one company to another. WE have had the most problems with this company.They make harassing house calls and talk junk. The more complaints the better it is.It was a person in the Customer Solutions and Innovations help us out but now they refuse too. I have called this person last month but she did not return my call because she knows something is about to go down.

We are going to do all we can to fight for what is right. It is no such thing as know PO box in CAlifornia they are lieing because the operator said nothing found under that name.email me at reyes.merita@yahoo.com var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy58008 = 'reyes.merita' + '@'; addy58008 = addy58008 + 'yahoo' + '.' + 'com'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy58008 ); document.write( '' );


I will like to join in too. tamiamiredz@aol.com


This is the worst mortgage company. They are completely unorganized and I believe they have every intention on taking from people.

They sent me a letter in June 2011 that I have a surplus of 3500.00 yet I owe the for atty fees? In which they sent me a correction letter.


AM in.. T mobile was charging me unnecessarily I call them to report, the representative said things will not be resolve the way I wanted it and said his going to hang up the phone, which he did...emails...sunbries@yahoo.com

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