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Wilshire Credit Corporation is the servicing agent for my mortgage. I am currently seeking a loan modification.

They requested I fax my financial information, including tax returns, checking account statements, and financial accounting records to the fax number 503-946-3838, which I did on 7/13/08. That fax number was also listed on their online application form they request you to submit and also electronically sign.

A week later I called to make sure they received the fax. They said they didn't receive it and please fax it again to 503-946-3846, because 3838 was the wrong fax number, which I did. They said they would talk to their webmaster about the error in the fax number. However, the 3838 fax number remained on the website for another 10 days.

I called again and was told to fax it to 503-946-3848, and I began to get concerned.

As I thought about the situation, I realized that it was possible my financial information had been faxed somewhere that could jeapardize my identity and I called Wilshire and inquired if 3838 was one of their fax numbers. It took three phone calls to finally get the representative to admit it wasn't a Wilshire fax number.

The next day, I faxed a letter to 3838, stating the confusion, requesting that they call me and identify who the fax line was connected to. No response.

At that point, I contacted my bank and put a security alert on my account, as well as the three credit bureaus.

I googled the fax number and found it to belong to a residence in Tigard, Oregon, not a business.

I secured my credit report from Experian, studied it, and found a credit inquiry from HSBC NV with an address in Tigard, Oregon.

I did research on HSBC NV and learned about their past, who they used to be, and who owns them. Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. HSBC NV is processing credit card statements for domestic companies here in the US and have a reputation for not posting payments on time and hitting Americans with fraudulent late fees.

And, finally, Wilshire told me I hadn't signed the online application...which I knew I had done...and that they were sending me a new application, which I was to fill out and sign.

As I was reading on this site yesterday after having read where someone said to not sign anything if Wilshire sends it, I realized I was in the same web of confusion that they are playing on others.

I filed a complaint with the FTC, documenting everything.

Thank you for standing up for what's right and having this web site to educate the American people.

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I took am a victim of Wilshire's unfair, unethical, and illegal practices. They impose fees you have no clue of, they are unwilling to help when you call, and are just "predatory" lenders.

If anyone knows of a class action suit please let me know.

Something has to be done about this, they are ripping us off and forcing us into foreclosure and bankruptcy! Email me at

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