I began working with Wilshire last year - July 2008 and went up to October 2008. After calling back every week to be on hold and not receive any type of an answer. The last call basically told me there was nothing they could do, the person I spoke with could not speak clear and I could not tell if it was male or female on the other end.

November 2008 I start working with a third party negotiator, I am not sure if I can list them here or not. December taxes were due and paid. This was a way for Wilshire to delay a response after multiple calls going into January and February, Wilshire stated that they need to check with our county to make sure payments were made.

Throughout this time, I had been making payments and there has been no type of a response from Wilshire. March 2009 comes along, I decide to not make a payment and I notify my negotiator of this. Negotiator calls many times to find out what is going on and is told that Wilshire is reassigning it to another negotiator. Nearly 3 weeks go by and this is the same answer that my negotiator receives.

April 2009 - no intentions of making payment this month and after about a week into the month an answer is given to my negotiator. The answer is an agreement has been sent. What I received is a forbearnce agreement, I am not happy with the agreement and have been on the phone with them the past few days, not the negotiator.

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Yes Wilshire is a joke. I have a similar situation with them as well.

I originally started a loan modification with them in May or June of this year half way through the process Wilshire basically started harassing me about completing the modification through a government program which was supposedly more advantageous to me.

In the end the government program was not granted, hours spent on the phone with no feedback and not to mention my mortgage payment increase 400.00 more due to their processing error.It took me about 6mths to get my account back in order. Wilshire is the WORST mortagage company EVER!!!!


I have been trying to get a modification since Jan. 09.

Have beenon forebearance since then, but no modification in sight. I do have an attorney who has not done much. I checked my credit report and my loan amount is still going up.

How can this be if I have been pay8ng since Jan? I am pretty fed up and just want to walk away.

Any advice?

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