They went into contract with me regarding some house they owned due to foreclosure - i signed the contract in January. The house was vandalized, they refused to pay for the damages, the deal was called off in their favor and here we are in April and i am yet to see my downpayment. I am in the process of filing the a complaint with the BBB.

Once you sign a contract the property owner is responsible to maintain the house as is when contract was signed.

They asked me to sign a release 4 weeks ago and up to now i am yet to see my deposit returned.

Why is this allowed to go on?

Signed PG

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Sacramento, California, United States #651321

my brother lives in Sacramento California, Vivienne Yamamoto who is a Caldwell Banker real estate agent is doing the same thing to my brother. he has lived in the home six and one half years and she gave him five days notice.

told him to be out by april 25, even though his rent was paid thru april

30,2013. it has been really bad for my brother.

Nazareth, Pennsylvania, United States #8259

Wilshire can't hire educated compter guys to fix their on line problems with trying to make payments via their web-site. Hope they go under and burn in ***.

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