I can not believe how people tend to blame the bank or mortgage servicer for them losing their homes when it is their own fault. You signed a contract and knew what you were signing and if not that is *** because you did not want to take the time to read before signing.

Wilshire is a loan servicer, not the lender you signed the loan note with.Sometimes circumstances change but if you bought a car and had a loan on that and did not make the payments, would not that car be repossessed?

Not any different than a home loan, if you do not pay then you could lose the home. It is not Wilshire's fault,and many consumers think that they should not have to pay their mortgage and keep their home also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wilshire Credit Loan.

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they sent a apprassier who said my home was worth $115,000.00 dollars and when they forcosed because of balloon payments that i could not make they sold the home for 74,000 and the apprasier will not talk to me because i didnt hire him but said off records my home was only worth about 82000 but was told to appraise higher to get the loan sent through.


I was a mortage loan officer and I know who the **** I signed my loan with. I know the business.

My loan was sold to these blood sucking leaches, they are a servicer to Bank Of America! Which in case you didn't know your smart tail paid them out of trouble.

Before I leave this earth it will be my goal to sue and win and watch as they enjoy their new accomadations in a 3 by 5 cell and all have a new relationship forced on them the way we got &&&&! Believe it.


Wilshire is a mortgage servicer to many shady loan comapanies such as Fremont Investment & Loan. FDIC put stopped Fremont from working because they provided "doomed to fail" loans.

They recently settled for over $10 million because they know they are engaged in fraudulent transactions. Wilshire shares liability with the shady the originator. Your analogy is a poor example of what has occurred. If someone signs a fraudulent loan, the signee is NOT obligated to pay.

If fact, the signer is entitled to damages. That's is orginators and mortage service companies have done to Americans.


Wilshire is a coldheated, uncaring, no credibility lender. due to illness i had to go on medical disability and requested a loan mod due to an upcoming arm increase.

in april 2009 i received no help from wilshire so i retained the service of a 3rd party to mitigate on my behalf(i know there are scrams out there-but "lincoln national" is a very reputable corportation and "wilshire" is unwilling to work with them or myself-what am i to do????? wilshire informed me that my disabilty was not a guaranteed income so i was ineligibile-also stated my finacial obligations were to high for any help----this is why i am asking for help because my salary was reduced by 50%-were is the logic-this is what the obama plan is in force for--to help those in need. i am going to pursue this thru political avenues even if it takes me to the president himself. any ideas for what other action i can take.

my house mortage amount is $130,000- current bpos appraisal-$89,900.

i am not currently behind in my mortg payments-but my arm is adjusting in nov 09 at which time i will be unable to make payments. i have gotten nothing but the runaround from wilshire.....please HELP


You are absolutely right. I did not sign the loan with Wilshire.

I looked all through my paper work and cannot find any place that I signed with Wilshire. Perhaps the original lender or the investor(s) who bought my loan would act like humans and try to help people. Wilshire is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Just like everyone else says you do not answer the phone even when you leave a message.

I got a call from a loan modification person and they said for me to call them back. I did but when I was sent to the department I was told that he left a message on the computer and I could not talk to him. I also go the forbearance paperwork, without even knowing it was coming.

I told them to stick their forbearance and if they want my house come and get it. I paid $270,000 for my home and now it is worth about $80,000.

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