wilshire has stalled me for 3 plus years say they working out a forbearance i send them 15 times all financial records only to have account shoved under the carpet yet they charge me fees they can't even explain then they tell me after 2 years of forced place insurance that i pay 150 per month to them that i never had the insurance they have me on brink of chapter 7, promises of forbrearnce lower payments frozen interest and 3 years later still nothing charging me for fees ie .. inspections that they never do ,even though i pay on time for 2 plus years any suggestions ,perplexed to the maxx

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #45992

My suggestion would be for you to use proper grammar and use periods at the end of your sentances. That makes whatever you write easier to read.

That's probably the reason why this company isn't dealing with you.

They probably think you're an *** or 8 years old...

or both. Have a great day!


Wilshire is forcing me to buy flood insurance when I am not in a flood area.Now I have to pay a survyer $1000 to prove them wrong.They are using out dated mapsI feel they are neglagent and incompetent in doing their job.Why should I have to pay that much to do their job?My house is on a hill.The town would be totally under water before I would even have water in my basement.So beware of Wilshire credit corp.

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