11-14-11 Called Wilshire for pay-off on loan. Was told the pay-off would be valid until 11-21-11 and the amount would be $4654.77. No credit received.11-15-11 Was told by customer service rep. that it would be credited the day of receipt and reflected in account on the morning of 11-16-11.11-16-11 Called in am and ask why payment was not credited and was told that credit would be applied by afternoon.11-16-11 3:35PST Called and talked to CSR which said it would be credited the night of the 16th and show on the 17th. When ask where the check was, he could not give me a straight answer. I ask to speak to a supervisor and replied yes reluctantly. Then I spoke to Supervisor Tony which said he didn't know where the check was. I ask if he could call and check with the payment center he had referred to and he replied that he couldn't and that they could not receive incoming calls. That was the end of the conversation.11-17-11 5:40am Checked account for update and found that no credits have been posted.11-17-11 1:32pm Tony De Leon called me from Wilshire Consumer Credit to let me know that I had sent the Certified Check from Bank of America to the wrong address. I told him that the address was given to me by the girl that I had gotten the pay-off from and process was performed just as she had instructed with no variations. He requested a copy of the check and he would make sure the problem would be resolved. I scanned the check and emailed it to him at Tony De Leon jdeleon@westlakefinancial.com. 2:12pm Tony emailed me and afterwards called to verify that he had received my email with the check copy. He also told me that it would still be another 10 days before I receiving the title.11-18-11 I checked my account this morning and the account balance was zero. Note: I feel that Wilshire still owes me interest from the 15th of November when they received the check through the 21st of November when the interest was charged. I still want my title released immediately.11-29-11 On or about 12pm I checked with the Texas Department of Public Safety at 512-837-4418, option 5 to verify that lien has been removed, CSR informed me that there was still a lien against my vehicle.11-30-11 Sent the BBB in Los Angeles an email after calling The Texas Department of Public Safety to find out that my title still had not been released. They replied to say that it would be noted and be on their file for 36 months. As far as I know, no action has been taken. It's been 15 days and counting since Wilshire sign for my certified check from Bank of America.Called District Attorney's office to find out if they could take any action or make a suggestion as to what I should do. Their told me there was nothing they could do and could not advise me.

12-02-11 Today I called the Texas Department of Public Safety to find out that my car title , was not released from a payoff that took place on 11-15-2011. I called the Texas Attorney General's office, which couldn't do anything, but they tried…Wilshire is no longer licensed in the state of Texas. Texas was a lot smarter than I was…..Also called the California Department of Corporations; took my number and said someone would call me…Not holding my breath on that one..

Cc: California Department of Consumer AffairsCorrespondence Unit1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112Sacramento, CA 95834(800) 952-5210

BBB of the Southland, Inc.Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties

315 North La Cadena DriveColton, CA 92324

Phone:(909) 825-7280

Fax:(909) 825-6246

Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division PO Box 12548 Austin, TX 78711-2548

Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWWashington, DC 20580(202) 326-2222www.ftc.govCalifornia Department of CorporationsFinancial Services Division320 West 4th Street, Suite 750Los Angeles, CA 90013-1105Toll Free: (866) 275-2677Web Site: http://www.corp.ca.gov

Travis County District Attorney's OfficeAustin, Texas

Monetary Loss: $4700.

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