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We have been paying on time for 3 years & because of my job (commission sales) & the housing crisis in California, we need to modify our loan. Wilshire actually said that they would rather wait for 90 days of receiving no payments before starting the process in working something out & they even went as far as suggesting foreclosure as an option or selling the house on my own!

Sell in this economy!!! are you freaking kidding me!!!

I would rather foreclose than allow them the satisfaction of a short-sell.

So let me see if I get this straight, this over 700 billion bailout wasn't intended for average Joe Citizen who needs a modification, rather it is intended for lenders who set this all up.

I'm so pissed I want to scream!!!!!!

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wilshire told my son that everything looked good then at 4pm several months later said loan mod was denided. and house was going up for sale at 9am tuesday morning the next day. shocked isn't the word..ripped off is..I hate wilshire financal...


my husband lost his job for 9 months. he was the main income.

i have been struggle to make payment on the mortgage but not being able to keep up with taxes. i have been trying to get a modification.

To get modification one needs to have escrow account. Get this, my mortgage was $2300 with the new escrow my mortgage will be $3300 ta-da


Sometimes I think they want homes to go into foreclousre...Been trying since Jan 09 and like many others nothing from them about modification. Sooo frustrating......I have an attny who is not doing much at all.

I just want to stay here in myhouse iwth a new loan amount.

I was under water before they added their 30,000 of fees. Sometimes i think I might be better off to just let them foreclouse.


your stories are identical to mine. Can't we do something about this? This can't be legal.!!!


Like everyone else here, I've had nothing but heart aches trying to deal with these people... I have made dozens of phone calls, faxes and sent letters without a single response.

I'm wondering if they have actually modified anyones loan or tried to work out something long term with any customers.

My house payment increased by $300.00 and my home is worth about 15% less than it did just a year ago... It has come to the point to just let go and *** with it all...


let it go to foreclosure, they told us they wanted us to sign deficiency note, and then said when they could not collect they wold send us a 1099,, which you could use for the mortgage relief debt act, but now they wont. we have had 5 shortsale offers and each time, they come up with something different.


Tina, way to go on getting caught up. As for the late fees, now they want to do something when they could be out the $700.

I'd make 'em come after me to it as long as your paying your note. I know what you mean about the long form and then the "you can't afford the house" comment.

That's funny because I've been paying it religiously on time everytime. Ugggh


They made me go through the entire time consuming prying into your entire financial situation long form just to tell me I can't afford the house and let them foreclose. Cannot believe I heard that.

I believe the guy on the other end could hear me in CA or whereever without even speaking into the phone. I can afford the house, its just I am 2 months behind due to hubby being out of work 6 months. Wow only two months out of six with only one $29K income on a mortgage of $220K. Guess I did pretty well huh.

Hubby was the breadwinner. Anyway,they are not underwriters or anything just regular account people who say whether they will modify or not. I want so badly to refi considering my rate will be going adjustable in 2 years. Guess wilshire will just keep waiting as I finally got my house back on track and ontime with payments but guess what?

Now they are calling every week regarding the late fees of $700 over the past year. Give me a break, I got the payments caught up with out any help from them.


Tom, I agree to let it go to foreclosure. It is going to cost them much more than a short sale

Spring House, Pennsylvania, United States #42649

I'm trying to do a short sale and found out that Wilshire will have me pay a Deficiency Judgment for what was not payed. They said because it was because it was a Refi and not a purchase. I think I'll stop the short sale and just let it go to foreclosure.

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