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Absolutely pissed, lied to many times, mislead many times, frustrated and so burned out trying to work something out with this debt servicer owned by Merril Lynch-

Wilshire Credit Corporation based in beaverton, Oregon made several promises (verbally- they do not fax anything) to work out a short sale with us. the underwriter keeps promising that he can get approval for the short sale amount but never did gave our agent or myself a written approval.

Time is running out because of the foreclosure sale date. It seems they are doing this on purpose so they can auction the property at a higher price- which in reality, the REO people will negotiate for a much lower price, eventually. They prefer the houses to be vacant than have someone live there and try to make payments. Now, our buyers are going away because of frustration waiting- They just want to foreclose on the house and put people out in the streets.

I think that everyone who work there does not have what it takes to be human- they are the kind of people who enjoy making other lives even more difficult- the more miserable they make others, the better- Thanks to Merrill Lynch company who owns Wilshire Credit Corporation. Their investors are so greedy that they would rather see their investments vacant and not selling. These investors think that they can take with them all their possessions when they die- I don't think they are smart enough to know that- because if they are, they would be considerate of others. Maybe for awhile now, their souls have already been burning in ***.

Can you imagine the thousands of families they put out in the streets? Anyone who wants to join me in a class action lawsuit, please email to for now, I will go by the name of Frustrated Consumer- Any attorney interested? By the way, my message to Merril Lynch, All the employees at Wilshire Credit Corporation either 1) don't know what they are doing 2) Just plain and simple rude who does not bother to resolve a problem but just transfers you to a voice mail, or 3) *** and LAZY.I can't believe you are paying a salary to *** and Lazy employees- I would think twice before investing my money with Merril Lynch.

Thank you for listening.

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Muscotah, Kansas, United States #52182

Wilshire Credit is " Good For Nothing" Shisters with no concerns for anyone. They should be put out of business just like Ameriquest was with a Class Action Suit brought against the Nation wide since they bought out the Ameriquest loans so that Ameriquest would not have to9 pay as much out, I also think that the investors that ameriquest had are the same investors that wilshire credit hasand this why they are so arroagant and obnoxious.

They are Shisters.

So if you are going to have a Class Action suit against them please include this nationwide and please go back to Febuary or january of 2005. I missed the last class action suit because my mortgage closed 10 days to late.

Charles Town, West Virginia, United States #11265

I just want to let everyone know that has to deal with Wishire that they aren't the only one!!! And I don't understand why the won't work with their customers in such a hard time with the economy...

I just don't understand at all!!!!!!! The rep. assigned to our case just flat out told the investor that is interested in buying our home on a short sale NO. Wouldn't work with him at all.

I'm just not understanding why Wilshire just won't work with their customers. :? :sigh

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