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First, Wilshire Credit Corp refinanced my 82-year-old grandmother's home for a price she clearly could not afford on her fixed social security income. Then they started to foreclose her property because she couldn't afford it.

They let us (the family) work with them to resolve this, but right when we colleceted the big chunk of money they asked for to stop the forecolsure (well before the deadline by the way), the loan officer stopped contacting us and wouldn't reply to our calls, faxes or e-mails. Everybody at the company would direct us to the loan guy.

After a couple of weeks of this, Grandma received a foreclosure letter and eviction notice with a lawyer's name on it. We contact Mr Lawyer. Turns out the loan officer didn't work there anymore, dropped the ball and screwed my grandmother out of her home. Neither the loan officer nor any other rep at Wilshire bothered to tell us that the loan officer was leaving. Furthermore, Wilshire was not willing to work with us anymore despite their Massive error and resulting situation.

They wont' take our calls anymore - giving us the runaround. They didn't care that they messed up and are proceeding with the eviction. That is beyond wrong. Too bad we can't afford a lawyer.

Review about: Wilshire Credit Loan.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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There has to be away of suing these people, they should not be able to get away with this.Not with the world being in such a mess as it it.

Did you know they are the loan sharks for Bank of America and Merryl Lynch.

Makes you think twice how they can be such a finacial wiz and screw people that trust them with their money to be able to do this to there clients.Can we get a lawsuit going!!!!!


If you have a problem with them, call them at 503-223-5600 (the local number) and ask to speak someone that way. Good luck, feel sorry for you. Would NOT recommend them ever!

Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada #26238

Your grandmother didn't refi with Wilshire, they aren't a bank. She was a victim of the broker who got her the loan, but in anycase I have found that "officers" leave without notice all the time. Nobody calls to advise you of that, paperwork is lost all the time, the reps are trained to tell you it's in review,it may not even be there, they take forever to approve a payment plan,and waiting to speak to the "officer" is a full time job in itself..

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