i have a mortgage thru wilshire also and have received numerous "fees and charges" received that are unjust and have not been reimbursed as yet. We will see when the house sells at closing what all they tack on in the end.

I have been with the company for 3 years and the house in not in foreclosure and adds additional insurance automatically before verifying with my state farm that home owners insurance is pain in full and in effect. I still continue to get those notices at rates 3x more than normal. Then a week later I receive one that they have withdrawn the insurance when they received notice that it is covered thru state farm. The same thing happens with the property taxes.

It is a nightmare dealing with them. I get something in the mail almost every day about something wrong or they need proof of something.

Dont use them!

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Kingwood, West Virginia, United States #14627

any time I call get put on hold and shuffled to other departments. they do not seem to to be very caring.I am now going thru forclosure and they bought the property back!! I guess i don,t get it.

Midvale, Utah, United States #10182

If it is at all possible, avoid using this company. DO NOT use it.

They are taking your money and thenare going to file a BK and you will be stuck without ANY payment arrangements they led you to believe you are under. You will lose your home, and there will be nothing you can do about it. I have inside information about Merrill Lynch (who is the financeer of this company) and they are about to drop them.

Please do not trust Wilshire to service your mortgage-but if you have no choice, then do NOT EVER find yourself in a position to be on a 'payment plan' or 'modification'. They are going under and will take you with them.

Savannah, Tennessee, United States #9175

Don't have a choice to not use them. They acquire your mortgage from the company you originally did business with. I wonder if you contact your original mortgage company and let them know thay Wilshire is ruining their name.

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